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Actions settings - incompatibility between older tC version (e.g. 2018.2.8) and latest Menubar version (1.4.0) with regard to set a variable and save comment in APP

The problem does not exist for TRUECHART v2018.9 and later.


In the Actions settings, you can define triggers, that is the actions to take effect when a certain event on the button is triggered. Possible events to attach actions are:

On click

Triggered when the user clicks the button.

Buttons without triggers and actions, for example, when used as text or image placeholders, do not apply hover effects. In order to achieve this behavior, all triggers must be removed via the delete icon.

Before navigation

Triggered when the sheet is closed or changed.

On load

Triggered when the element loads. This can be used to define initial actions like making selections.

To avoid critical actions being scattered all over other different items, On load actions like those for initial selections should be defined on a designated element (such as an otherwise non-functional button that serves to show the company’s logo).

On selection

Triggered when the button is selected.

Hint :

You cant define a selection action in an on selection trigger as this will create an endless lop.



Define your own event you can give a custom name. This can be used by involving HiCo.performCustomTrigger("triggername", "triggerdata")in a custom action. For every event, you can define one or multiple actions, such as Go to sheet to change the view to a different sheet or Select match to alter the current selection.

Execution Order

Actions of a specific trigger are executed in the order they are defined (from top to bottom) without explicitly waiting for each other to be finished before executing the next one. In the case of asynchronous calls, this may lead to a different execution order. For most actions (like selecting fields, setting variables, etc.) this is the best option because they will be performed as fast as possible. This leads to fewer requests to the "Qlik Sense Engine" and results in better performance/stability. For use cases where the execution order is important, every action can be defined as "sequential" where the execution order will then be respected, by executing them one by one.

Using Expressions

Apart from static values, every input box that features Qlik Sense’s fx icon also accepts Sense expressions.

Available actions for triggers

The following sections cover all the actions that can be defined for a trigger, including their parameters:




No parameters.

Qlik Sense,  PowerBI, TRUECHART Core




A custom JS function to be executed with the Custom event. When active, custom action allows the user to define a custom JavaScript that gets executed when clicking on the cell.

It is adviced to add some error handling in those custom code snippets. Otherwise, potential changes in newer versions of the extension or the BI platform itself could lead to bugs that are difficult to locate.

NOTE: The custom action is equivalent to the custom click behavior. The migration happens automatically.

Qlik Sense, PowerBI, TRUECHART Core



Toggle Show/Edit Mode

Toggles commenting show/edit mode of TRUECHART.

No parameters.

Qlik Sense, PowerBI, TRUECHART Core

Save comments

Saves edited comments of selected TRUECHART object. This action is not needed if Auto Save functionality for comments and tables is used.

Qlik Sense, PowerBI, TRUECHART Core

Save comments in App

App ID selects the app which will be the origin for the copy process. Only published apps are selectable. When you select self, common tables will be stored in your app. save comments in app action

CAUTION: After triggering action ‘Save comments in-app’, all comments are stored offline. If you have a connection to the TRUECHART Service only online comments are shown regardless of the button action. If you edit one of these online comments or trigger save the offline comments will be overwritten.

Qlik Sense, PowerBI

Save object

Saves changed the definition of selected TRUECHART object in-app and TRUECHART Service. This action is only allowed for Designer-Users, so this should not be used within published apps.

Qlik Sense, PowerBI, TRUECHART Core


Performs a page reload

No parameters.

Qlik Sense, PowerBI, TRUECHART Core

Export as PDF

Performs a pdf export of selected TRUECHART object through installed TRUECHART own Converter Service.

Qlik Sense, PowerBI, TRUECHART Core

Export as Image

Performs an image export of selected TRUECHART object through installed TRUECHART own Converter Service.

Qlik Sense, PowerBI, TRUECHART Core

Export as Vector Graphic

Performs a vector graphic export of selected TRUECHART object through installed TRUECHART own Converter Service.

Qlik Sense, PowerBI, TRUECHART Core

Export as Excel

Performs an excel export of selected TRUECHART object through installed TRUECHART own Converter Service.

Qlik Sense, PowerBI, TRUECHART Core

Reload common tables

Performs a comment reload for all common tables (Inline comments) for selected TRUECHART object

Qlik Sense, PowerBI, TRUECHART CoreOther


Toggle fullscreen

An expression which must result in 0 (disable fullscreen), 1 (go to fullscreen) or can be empty (toggles current fullscreen mode). This action is only on click trigger available, due to browser security restrictions.

Qlik Sense, TRUECHART Core

White- and Blacklist for Actions


The config file will be reset after every update. Please make a backup of your config file and edit the new config file after every update.

With the config.js file located in the extension folder, actions of the button can either be black- or whitelisted. Blacklisted actions are not available while whitelisted actions are. The combination of both methods is necessary to create specific scenarios, where all actions are blacklisted for a user group but some users have whitelisted actions.

The listing rules can be defined for user directories and users. Just enter the user directory name(s) and the user name(s). Writing a "" will target all users or user directories depending on where the "" is used.

If there are no actions available after setting the config to make sure that the action "none" is set as a whitelisted action. Also, it’s important to note that the trigger is not visible and can not be reused when the trigger is already defined but is blocked because of the config. For example, an onClick trigger cannot be set two times. The only exception is custom triggers which can be defined multiple times.

Figure 1. Listing example.


Use following links for more information about actions and triggers available for a specific platform only