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The password feature allows users to gain access after the channel has been recreated on a new system/server through a synchronization process.

This will only work as long as no administrator is assigned to this channel.

Click on Edit Channel and Scroll Down to Password . Password feature can be enabled or disabled. When enabled user it will prompt for a password ( min 6 characters ) . Click on apply to update the channel and channel will updated .

What happens when an app is copied to a different system with password feature enabled ?

When a user opens an app/sheet with a KPI-CHAT channel. Following parameters will be checked.

  1. the current channel has no Admin assigned at all and
  2. the current user is not assigned as Admin or User and
  3. the current channel has a password defined

Then user will be prompted with below screen .

Upon entering the correct password  "Get Access" will be enabled . Click on get Access to get access for the channel else Invalid password will be shown if password is wrong.

Upon entering the correct password.

  • If the current user is in permission group "KPI-CHAT Consumer"
    • current user will be added as a user to the current channel and reload or open current channel to view chat panel.
  • If the current user is in permission group "KPI-CHAT Administrator"
    • current user will be added as an admin to the current channel and reload/open channel setting UI for the current channel.
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