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User permission schemes for KPICHAT Users

KPI-CHAT users can be assigned permission through TRUECHART management console . 

Permission Types:

KPI-CHAT System Administrators - Administrators that can add, edit and access all channels.

KPI-CHAT Administrators- Administrators that can create/manage channels, add or remove users from channel, show channel list and select a channel in BI app before publishing the BI app

KPI-CHAT Consumers- Regular users who can collaborate selected channels 

KPI CHAT Channel Users 

Add/Remove Users

Users and Groups can be added or removed from the Channel .

Add a user 

  1. Click on the to create a new channel or you can edit an existing Channel.

  2. Expand User and Groups and click on  

  3. Add/Remove Channel user and Groups will be opened 
  4. You can select Users: this will select all users, Anonymous: to add a anonymous user, or click on the Check box next to the user: to add specific user(s).

  5. Click on Ok to save the changes.

Add/Remove Groups

  1. Click on the Groups tab next to Users.
  2. Click in the Groups check box: This will select all groups on the list or click on the Check box next to the group: to add a specific group(s)

  3. Click on Ok to save the changes.

trueChart Management Console - Channel Users

Channel users can also be managed from TCMC: 

  • Select a Channel
  • Select the administrator users for the channel 
    • NOTE: Only users with KPI CHAT Administrator rights will be shown here
  • Select the consumers or the channel either by specific users or by AD group
    • NOTE: Only users with KPI CHAT Consumer rights will be shown here
  • Then select Save

See More User permission schemes 

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