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Create Channel

Only users allocated with the permission "KPI-CHAT Administrator" or "KPI-CHAT System Administrator" are allowed to create and edit channels.

Normal "KPI-CHAT Consumer" users will only see channels that they've been allocated to.

To create a new channel click on + Button

Channel Name - Name of the channel as desired

Enter Channel Description(Optional) - Description of the Channel

Administrators - Administrators can be added here , only "KPI-CHAT Administrators" and "KPI-CHAT System Administrators" can be added here

Users and Groups - "KPI-CHAT Consumers" can be added here. Alternatively, users can add Groups, as defined in TrueChart Management Console

Filters - Filters to be used in channel can be added here . Applied filters can be seen in right filter panel.  learn more about Learn more about Filters and Data Dependencies

Notifications - Notifications are used to notify users when a message is replied to edited or deleted, this notification is sent via email

New channel will be created as below. By selecting the channel, the user will be presented with the Chat panel

Note that KPI-CHAT will automatically create an abbreviation from the first characters of the first 2 words. e.g. Sales Channel would provide SC .

This can be referenced when searching for channels.

Edit Channel

Hover over the channel in the Channel List, then select  to edit  

The user will be presented with the Channel details for editing

Change the required field and click on apply to update the channel

Search Channel

Click on the Search Channel box

Channel can also be searched with Channel Name , Tags  or Abbreviations

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