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Creating a new menubar

After installing menubar you can add a new menu bar to your sheet in Edit mode by dragging the entry from the extension sidebar into your sheet. You can add as many menus to your sheet as you need and each can be set up differently.

Figure 10. A new empty menu bar

menubar features six panes in the properties panel — Dimensions, Dimensions Add-ons, Items, Add-ons, Appearance and Info — which are covered in the following sections.

Defining dimensions in the Dimensions pane

The Dimensions pane is used to define all the dimensions needed for the Select items of menubar.

Dimensions can be added in the way known from Qlik Sense. The dimension’s name is subsequently used as the Dimension Title. This value is only for usage in menubar and can be changed if desired.

Figure 11. Adding a new dimension to the menu.

The dimensions defined here can be later used in the Single Select or Sense Select items.

Figure 12. Using the predefined dimensions in a Single Select.

Dimensions Add-ons

A corresponding entry can be found within this area for each dimension created. Further definitions for these dimensions can be made here. Currently, alternative statuses can be adjusted and sorting settings made here.

Alternate State

Every Dimension can have a different selection state also called alternate state. The alternate state is defined above the sort settngs in the Dimension Settings menu.

The available states are defined in the appearance section of the property panel or the master item settings in Senseversions later than November 2018.

The standard usecase of alternate state is to use the same dimension multiple times with different states in a menubar. By default the menubar is not able to work with the same dimension multiple times. Please look at the Dimension calculation section for more information on using the same dimension mutiple times in the menubar.

Figure 13. Dimension Add-on stettings to change the alternate state for one dimension


The sorting of dimensions can be edited in the Dimensions Add-ons pane.

The sort order can be set to Automatic or User Defined. When the latter is chosen, you can set your desired sorting order which can be one or multiple of:

Load Order

This is the original order of the records in the data source.

Selection State

Shows the currently selected values first. For Sense Selects this is the default.


Sorts the values by the frequency of occurrence.


Sorts the values numerically.


Sorts the values alphabetically.


Use a custom expression to control sorting.

Figure 14. User-defined sorting options for dimensions

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