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Download Extensions

This is the area to download all supported extensions directly from the service in the latest supported version.

Extensions for the different BI systems could be downloaded by directly clicking on the BI platform next to the extension you want.

After downloading the extension file these needs to be installed within the BI system.

Additional information about how to install the extension in the various BI systems could be found in there relating articles.


There are additional settings that needs to be configured for some of these extensions that they're working as expected.

Changing the extension settings require a download and update of the related extension within the desired BI.system.

Additional settings for the service are also configurable here. Server settings are applied directly on save.

Hostname is needed that the extension knows where to find the service. In case of sense the dynamic host checkbox could be used, which replaces the cross-domain feature (on dynamic host enabled, we use the hostname from the BI system rather than the fallback).

In case of QlikSense the hostname will also be used when the hostname of the BI system results in localhost, which could happen on the QlikSense mobile apps.

Alternative Service Port: Defines a alternate port that should be written into . 

  • It could be used to define an alternate port where the service could be accessed.

  • This setting is required for load balancer setups where the load balancer runs on a different port than the service. A correct port forwarding configuration on the load balancer is required.

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