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KPI CHAT has the functionality to notify users of messages received on channels they're subscribed to via an Email.

The email would contain details of the Filters, and the message including links to the KPI CHAT platform in both the BI Platform (if sent from within a BI Platform App) as well as the KPI CHAT Browser application

This ensures that users are kept informed and they're able to collaborate with their colleagues from anywhere at any time.


The below steps will demonstrate how to create email templates in trueChart Management console:

  1. Create the following directory on your trueChart server:  C:\HighCoordination\templates
  2. Log into trueChart Management Console and click on the settings  icon.       
  3. Click on the downloads   tab in the list on the left-hand side then select “Settings”.

  4. Under “Service” you will see “EMail template folder” and next to it a “Download default templates” button, click on it and a zipped folder called “”  will be downloaded.
  5. Open the zipped folder and copy and paste the email folder into the directory that was created in step 1:  C:\HighCoordination\templates\

Mail Room Settings

  1. Ensure Mail room settings are defined in “Email Notifications “, an Email account should be made available by your IT department:

  2. Send a message in the KPI CHAT application, the email is expected to look like the below example:

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