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What is a Filter ?

Think about filters in same way as how dimension work in Qlik. Dimensions in Qlik can be used to drill down or filter the data being viewed.

Filters in KPI-CHAT function similarly in that it allows users to filter the chat topic at hand e.g. instead of talking in general users can engage with eachother on specific filters like Country and City.

BI Integration on Dimensions to Filters is possible with KPI-CHAT .Filters can be mapped to the available BI dimension when within a BI tool.

When enabled, the filters selected on the BI Platform will also filter the KPI-CHAT channel's filters 

How to Map a Dimension in Filter

Users have two ways to Map a Dimension in Channel .

  1. On Channel Create Page - Note that the user must be within a BI tool in order to map Dimensions to Filters 

When editing or creating a Channel - Go to Filter and add a new filter for the dimension

Users will be presented with the below screen:

  • Name                                    Capture a Name for the filter. Generally these are the same name as the Dimension it will be paired with
  • Type                                      Define the filter by Dimension or Expression. For the current task, this will be Dimension
  • Data Dimension                   Select the Dimension that this Filter will be mapped to 
  • Show in chat Header           When enabled, the Chat Header will display which filters are selected . See below example:

  • Permission                            If required users may select a specific set of Data Permissions to apply to this filter. See Data Permission Administration for more information.

2.When a new channel is opened for chat -

When within a BI tool and no Dimension was mapped during the setup of the Filter (i.e. the Filter was created outside of the BI Tool e.g. with KPI Chat Web App).

The user will then be required to select the matching Dimension when they access the channel

Defined filters for the selected channel may be viewed by selecting "Filter" in the  option

The user may then view the filters:

Note that the Filter panel within a BI tool is for viewing purposes only. Users are required to interact with the BI Platform's filtering functions for KPI-CHAT to filter accordingly

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