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This article describes the first steps on using TRUECHART for Excel. It is assumed, TRUECHART for Excel is deployed in you workspace.

To add a TRUECHART visualization to your Excel worksheet, go to Excel’s Insert tab, choose Add-ins and select TRUECHART. This will insert a new TRUECHART object into your worksheet.

Adding data sources

TRUECHART for Excel automatically creates a new data context for the currently selected data or the data the cursor resides on. If no usable data can be detected, you will be greeted with a notification:

From here, click on Data sources to add data manually.

Here you have the option to add a data context from a table, a range, or any named item on your sheet (which includes custom-named ranges and tables as well).

Using variables

In order to use Excel data as variables in TRUECHART, you need to create a variable table, add it as a data source to TRUECHART and click on Use as variables:

Creating a chart

After you’ve added all the necessary data contexts, TRUECHART is ready to create charts:

Further steps

Getting started with TRUECHART (platform-independent introduction)

Connecting to a TRUECHART Service (commenting platform)

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