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Highlights are used to put emphasis on a visual element. TRUECHART uses ellipses and difference markers for highlighting. A highlight in TRUECHART can be applied to values, chart elements for example bars or compares, legend labels or dimension labels.

Figure 1. TRUECHART with multiple highlights.

Creating a new highlight

To create a new highlight, right-click on the element in your visualization you want to apply the new highlight to and choose Highlight, Add from the right-click menu.

Figure 2. Creating a New Highlight.

Editing highlights

Clicking on Highlight, Edit from the right-click menu will open the Highlights tab of the Indications dialog.

Indication Dialog

Figure 3. Editing a Highlight.

From the Type list, you can select between four different types of highlights: Category label, Compare, Legend, and Value. With the Measure type you can choose if you want to highlight the element itself or its label. The Category setting is to identify the category by Text or by Position. You can then define either of these two in the Position input box. From the Measure list, you can choose the measure that contains the text or position to highlight.

Deleting highlights

Highlights are deleted by either clicking on a highlighted element and choose Highlight, delete from the right-click menu or removing them in the Highlights tab of the Indications dialog.

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