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The following section describes how to implement the following dynamic level indicator with Button+ and Custom CSS.


The right second (from the top) button shows a dynamic filling depending on the selection of the year. The filling is achieved by background with color gradient defined by expression-based custom CSS. Furthermore, the background color of the text has been adjusted to ensure legibility in filled or unfilled text.

Button configuration

Text='<span style="background-color: rgba(255,255,255,0.6)">' & Round($([your variable name]) / 0.12) & '% </br>of year selected</span>'
Custom css
(use expression)
='background: linear-gradient( to right, rgb(1,112,193) 0%, rgb(1,112,193) ' & Round($([your variable name])/0.12) & '%, rgb(255,255,255) ' & Round($([your variable name])/0.12) & '%, rgb(255,255,255) 100% );'