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It is assumed that TRUECHART Service is already installed. If not, consult the TRUECHART Installation Guide to get a detailed explanation of the installation process.

After successful installation, the KPI-CHAT extension can be downloaded from the TRUECHART Service. Read here how: Download extensions for various platforms.

Supported Versions

KPI-CHAT 4 Qlik Sense


Qlik Sense

November 2020xxx
September 2020xxx

Installation on Qlik Sense Server

In order to use KPI-CHAT in Qlik Sense via Qlik Sense Server, it is necessary to upload the extension to the server using the Qlik Sense Management Console:

In the Manage resources section, go to Extensions.

Figure 1. Choose Extensions from the navigation pane.

Choose Import and select the that has been provided to you during the installation process of TRUECHART Service (default location is C:\Temp). A Zip file password is not required here.

Figure 2. Importing the extension zip file in the QMC.

KPI-CHAT as a Cell Type of TRUECHART on Qlik Sense Server

Follow the TRUECHART Installation Guide to install TRUECHART Service . Once Service has been installed , In order to use TRUECHART in Qlik Sense via Qlik Sense Server follow the TRUECHART Install Guide

Furthermore, users must be created in order for the TRUECHART visual to communicate with the TRUECHART service. If you need help, consider reading the TRUECHART User Management

KPI-CHAT tile will be shown only when the KPI-CHAT license has been applied in TrueChart Management Console.

KPI-CHAT Messenger

It is assumed that TRUECHART Service is already installed . The link for your KPI-CHAT Messenger can be found in your TrueChart Managament Console > Settings > Downloads

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