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Supported Versions

Please note the following information about the compatibility of Qlik Sense and NPrinting versions in connection with TRUECHART!

TRUECHART & MENUBAR only support Qlik Sense and NPrinting in the same version, i.e. Qlik Sense February 2020 together with NPrinting February 2020.

Even if it is technically possible, we are not able to cover all possible combinations continuously in our quality assurance. Thank you for your understanding!



Qlik Sense

& NPrinting (from June 2018)

November 2022xxxxxxx

August 2022xxxxxxx

May 2022xxxxxxx

February 2022 xxxxxxx

November 2021xxxxxxxxxx
August 2021xxxxxxxxxxx
May 2021

February 2021

November 2020

September 2020


for the archived list prior to v2020.11.x & QlikSense Enterprise prior to September 2020 please follow this link

* In the Qlik Sense versions February, April and June 2020, semi-transparent backgrounds are not displayed correctly in an exported Story.

A workaround for these problems is to change the export rendering back to older versions of sense. This can be done in the printing.exe.config file. The printing.exe.config file should be the same file used to increase the max. export size. You have to enable the following line and change the value to cefsharp: <add key="webrenderer-type" value="cefsharp" />.

TRUECHART Architecture

Installation on Qlik Sense Desktop

To install TRUECHART for Qlik Sense Desktop, you just have to put the contents of the TRUECHART ZIP (the zip file needs to be extracted) file into the directory %USERPROFILE%\Documents\Qlik\Sense\Extensions.

Installation on Qlik Sense Server

In order to use TRUECHART in Qlik Sense via Qlik Sense Server, it is necessary to upload the extension to the server using the Qlik Sense Management Console:

In the Manage resources section, go to Extensions.

Figure 1. Choose Extensions from the navigation pane.

Choose Import and select the that could be downloaded through the TRUECHART management Console (Download extensions for various platforms). A Zip file password is not required here.

Figure 2. Importing the extension zip file in the QMC.

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