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Actions settings - incompatibility between older tC version (e.g. 2018.2.8) and latest menubar version (1.4.0) with regard to set variable and save comment in APP. The problem does not exist for tc 2018.9 and later.

Installation on Qlik Sense Desktop

To install menubar for Qlik Sense Desktop, you just have to put the contents of the menubar ZIP file into the directory %USERPROFILE%\Documents\Qlik\Sense\Extensions.

Installation on Qlik Sense Server

To install menubar for Qlik Sense Server, go into the Qlik Sense Management Console (QMC) and navigate to Extensions via the sidebar. Then click on the Import button which opens the Import extension file dialog where you can browse and import the menubar ZIP file.

Figure 9. Importing the extension ZIP file in the QMC.

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