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KPI-CHAT are available in 4 different Applications:

1. KPI-CHAT Messenger: Standalone web application

KPI-CHAT consist of a new web-based application named KPI-CHAT Messenger. This messenger allows user to do chat-based collaboration across data/KPI-driven channels. 

The KPI-CHAT Messenger is a standalone web application hosted by the TRUECHART Service to collaborate across channels and without a required BI-System.

The link for your KPI-CHAT Messenger can be found in your TrueChart Managament Console > Settings > Downloads

The user will then be brought to the login page for KPI-CHAT Messenger:

2. KPI-CHAT for QLIK Sense:

The KPI-CHAT Extensions provide the KPI based chat functionalities to be available on Qlik Sense,  simply drag and drop the extension to the QlikSense Sheet to utilize KPI-CHAT.

Future Platform dependent extensions will be made available QlikView, as custom visual on Microsoft PowerBI, as OfficeJS Add-In on Excel (365/2016/2019 desktop and online/line) and through Iframes into other web-based systems like Jedox.

3. KPI-CHAT in TRUECHART as grid cell type

The new TRUECHART grid cell type KPI-CHAT element allows the user to do chat-based collaboration based on one specific kpi-driven channel predefined by TRUECHART designer user. There will be a TRUECHART extension in Qlik, which can be used by dragging and dropping in Qlik sense sheet editor, and can select a KPI-CHAT. 

Available in Qlik Sense, Qlik View, PowerBI & Excel


KPI-CHAT Messenger will then be available within the TRUECHART Cell :

4. TRUECHART : TABLE 2.0 Integration

KPI-CHAT Messenger can also be integrated into tables. This allows users to discuss on comments before writing them down .

The chats are user-friendly and intuitively embedded, already filtering the chat channel to the corresponding Dimension data defined

Available in Qlik Sense, Qlik View, PowerBI, Excel

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