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In addition to the BI Platform extensions, users can access KPI-CHAT Messenger via a web browser as well, independent of the BI Platform. This enables chat based collaboration across data or KPI-driven channels.

For information on where to access this, refer to KPI-CHAT Messenger

Clicking the “Remember my login on this computer” box allows the browser save the credentials and the next time you login, you will have supplied with your credentials to login automatically with ease.

The KPI-CHAT Messenger is divided into 3 sections:


  • Lists the channels that a user has access to. These permissions may be a mixture of Administator or Consumer rights. 
    • Should the user be a KPI-CHAT System Administrator user, they will see all channels regardless of user allocation
  • Users with the required permissions have the option to Edit the setup of the channels by clicking the  icon
  • New channels may also be created by selecting the  icon
  • The  provides users with access to Data Permission, Language and Help&About options


  • Users will be presented with all the messages for the selected Channel and, where applicable, the selected Filters
  • The Banner at the top will display the Channel name and, where enabled, the current filter selected
  • The  icon allows users to specify how often they would like to be notified of new messages:
    • Daily, Hourly or Immediately would trigger an email notification at the respective interval
    • Unsubscribe will not trigger an email unless the user is mentioned directly 
  • Messages sent by your own user is reflected on the right
  • Messages received are reflected on the left 
  • Where new messages have been recieved while the user views older messages, a  will appear to jump to the bottom of the message listing
  • Where messages have been replied to for older messages, a user will be presented with a  to jump to those messages
  • It is possible to Edit, Delete or Reply to your own messages by hovering over the bubble and selecting the  button
    • Messages received from other users may also be replied to
  • The bottom section is where users can enter their messages. These messages are Rich Text, so the text can be formatted to Bold, Italic or Underline etc. 
    • Users can also mention specific users by typing "@" 
  • Messages can be sent faster by utilising the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Enter


  • New messages will be pinned here to notify users 
    • Overall indicates messages in various filters. Clicking the  will take the user to the relevant unread message(s)
    • Yours indicates messages in various filters where the current active user is "@" mentioned  
  • Channels may have a multitude of filters defined, each of these will be displayed here 
    • The Web Based Messenger does not have access to the data defined on a BI Platform, therefore the user is able to enter their desired filters manually.
      • Should a multitude of filters be required in one filter, they can be separated by ',' then pressing "Enter" once captured
    • Previous filters applied will be saved and will appear in the drop down of the filter.
    • Where users have unread messages, the drop down option for the filter will display a notification bubble for the relevant filter

Users can log out of KPI-CHAT Messenger by selecting the  icon in the top right corner

KPI-CHAT has a Responsive User Interface . Users are able to utilise the application on mobile browsers as well:

The  button will then be accessible in the top left of the interface to allow users access to other channels as well as Data Permission,Edit , Language and Help&About options

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