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The HiCoConverter is a Windows service with activate the functionality of exporting images, pdf, and Excel documents with TRUECHART.


The HiCoConverter can be installed by executing the installer file HiCoConverter_Setup_[version].exe.

To check the installation, switch to the overview of the Windows services. There you will find an entry called “HiCoConverter”. Make sure that the service is up and running.


You can set up the the converter at the TRUECHART Management Console. Select the menu entry 'Converter config' after clicking on the gear symbol at the upper right corner of the screen.


This status indicates if the converter can be reached. If it is green the exporter is ready to use, if it is red the converter could not be reached with the given settings.


With this setting you can enable and disable the converter service. A disabled converter is indicated by a grey status.


You can insert the host, where the converter is running. By default, when you installed the converter on the same host as the TRUECHART service you can use localhost or


By default, the HiCoConverter runs on port 30090. If you want to adjust the port after installation, you can do this by adjusting the config files. The port for HiCoConverter can be edited in the hico.conf file in the installation directory of the exporter. After changing the settings HiCoConverter service needs to be restarted. Besides this the port where the converter is running needs to be updated at the TRUECHART Management Console.

Image and PDF Margins

When exporting visuals (using the HICO Converter)  from Qlik Sense Enterprise, users can specify the margins they'd require :

Values are captured in ppt/mm

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