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In the Data handling section of the Add-ons pane there are two options to control calculation and rendering of either MENUBAR itself or other charts/extensions that support calculation conditions.

Calculation condition

Use the Calculation condition input box to define a Sense variable that is checked to be true before the actual rendering (‘calculation’) takes place. It’s also possible to use any function or expression here. The Displayed message is the message to be shown unless the condition is true and can be customized.

Calculation condition variable

The Calculation condition variable is the opposite of the Calculation condition: It is do define a variable that is set to true as soon as MENUBAR initialized all the default selections you may have set in Single Selects and to be used by other extensions supporting this Data handling feature.

To set the calculation condition variable automatically to true, at least one defined default selection is required in a single select. Button actions are currently not supported in connection with this function. A implementation will take place in one of the next versions.

Dimension calculation

The Dimension calculation switch toggles the calculation for dimensions used in MENUBAR.

The Calculation is disabled by default, but in this mode it is not possible to use the same dimension multiple times.

If you have to use multiple dimensions or if you have a drilldown dimension, which contains some dimensions, which are already in the dimension list, you have to enable the calculation. In this case you could have some performance drawbacks.

Figure 49. The calculation condition properties in the Data handling section.

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