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The layout of a TRUECHART extension can be changed and extended using the layout editor. Per default, every new TRUECHART extension consists of a 1×1 grid with A1 as the only cell.

Orienting yourself using the breadcrumb bar

When editing a grid, a breadcrumb bar is displayed at the top that illustrates the hierarchical structure of the extension’s layout:

It also features the opacity button that will let you change the opacity of the grid editor on the underlying content and the Cancel and OK buttons to close the layout editor.

Grid properties

When clicking on a grid or the Edit grid button, a spreadsheet-like header is shown to indicate the cells:

By clicking on a specific header indicator, you can add or delete rows and columns respectively and set their dimensions in relation to the parent cell.

Here you can set the width of a column or the height for a row in Percent or Pixel as well as a minimum width or height in pixels. You can also define the dimension by using the Weight type so you’ll be able to define relational cell sizes like 1:3, 1:2:3, 2:3:1, etc.

Content-based optimization will try to expand or shrink the size of a row or column to fit its largest cell. its contents.

Cell properties

By clicking on a specific cell, you will enter the cell mode that provides you the following settings:

Setting a distinctive cell name

By clicking on the icon next to the cell name, you can change it to a custom name.

To apply the changes, click the tick icon. The edit button will close the text input and keep the original name.

Changing the cell type

The content type of a cell can be changed via the type selector inside the cell. The same selector can also be found in the controls above the cell.

Copying cells

The rightmost tab provides functions to cut or copy cells by clicking on Cut cell or Copy cell respectively. The Styling and Content checkboxes define if the styling and content information should be included when cutting or copying.

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