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Introduction to menubar


menubar allows for vertical and horizontal buttons and selections (fields, drill-down dimensions, master dimensions and variables) as well as unlimited trigger based Actions.

In addition, you can share apps with the current selection with a single click, as well as conveniently chain documents including current or changed selections to navigate between apps.

What is new in menubar 1.4.1?

Whats's New?

With version 1.4.0 of the menubar comes a bunch of new features. Here is a short introduction to the main features of this release.

New name and logo

Installing menubar

Actions settings - incompatibility between older tC version (e.g. 2018.2.8) and latest menubar version (1.4.0) with regard to set variable and save comment in APP. The problem does not exist for tc 2018.9 and later.

Installation on Qlik Sense Desktop

To install menubar for Qlik Sense Desktop, you just have to put the contents of the menubar ZIP file into the directory %USERPROFILE%\Documents\Qlik\Sense\Extensions.

Creating a new menubar and defining dimensions in the Dimensions pane

Creating a new menubar

After installing menubar you can add a new menu bar to your sheet in Edit mode by dragging the entry from the extension sidebar into your sheet. You can add as many menus to your sheet as you need and each can be set up differently.

Figure 10. A new empty menu bar

Items of menubar

Adding items

menubar features ten different item types:

To create a new item, open Items in the properties panel and click on Add Items. This will create a new Button Containerincluding a new button called My Button by default. The item type can be changed by clicking on the Type drop-down list, which gives you the selection between the different types mentioned above.

The Add-ons pane

In the Data handling section of the Add-ons pane there are two options to control calculation and rendering of either menubar itself or other charts/extensions that support calculation conditions.

Calculation condition

Use the Calculation condition input box to define a Sense variable that is checked to be true before the actual rendering (‘calculation’) takes place. It’s also possible to use any function or expression here. The Displayed message is the message to be shown unless the condition is true and can be customized.

The Appearance pane


The General pane features the following options:

  • Show titles


      Appendix A: List of useful CSS definitions for button styling

      The Button Editor makes heavy use of CSS definitions for styling buttons. The following lists give an overview on frequently used CSS properties.

      A.1. Colors

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