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To be able to display images (using a button or cell background), these images should first be saved (uploaded) to the trueChart Image Library and selected from there. All images of the trueChart Image Library are stored within the Sense app and are automatically available in duplicated and exported apps.

The trueChart Image Library can’t be edited in published apps since these are read-only in Sense. Existing images can be reused.

The trueChart Image Library offers the possibility to import images from different sources, so you can upload one or more files directly or via an URL. To use images from the Qlik Sense media library, it is necessary to manually store the URL of the individual images as image URLs or to import them into the trueChart Image Library using the URL import function.

The URL import function may have problems with some URLs. If the image is not added to the list, you can download the image and add it to the Media Library via the file upload option.

Other features available in the trueChart Image Library are: Rename, Replace / Update, Delete.

Since the contents of the image library are saved globally in an app, they can not be copied to another app when copying an extension object. The recommended way to do this is: first export the necessary images in the source app and then import them again into the target image library. Since the used image has the same names, these images then will be displayed correctly in the copied extension objects.

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