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TRUECHART v2019.5.7


Features and Improvements

  • Change tomcat version 8.5 to 9 for the TRUECHART service [HICO-44701]

Known Issues v2019.5.6

TRUECHART v2019.5.6


Features and Improvements

  • Allow configuration for load-balancer on a different port (port-forwarding-support) [HICO-44901]


  • Hidden fields are not properly supported [HICO-44635]
  • Execution order of actions works not as expected [HICO-44639]
  • Storymode doesn't work after refresh for published apps in QS February 2020 [HICO-44666]
  • Fix story export of embedded sheets in case of published apps and not updated menubar objects [HICO-44714]
  • Integer fields don't work in Share App link when they are formatted as a string [HICO-44717]
  • Share link does not evaluate element-format [HICO-44828]

Known Issues v2019.5.6

TRUECHART v2019.5.5


Features and Improvements

  • Strip default settings from data context (to reduce storage space) [HICO-44322]
  • Slow NPrinting because of too many syncs with service [HICO-44543]
  • Share link does not respect all given selections [HICO-43119]


  • Cell Editor: Clicking OK before the preview will be painted replaces the actual extension [HICO-42904]
  • Share link does not respect all given selections [HICO-43119]
  • TRUECHART sometimes paints with wrong data [HICO-43485]
  • Button with certain types ignores "Border: Off" setting [HICO-43802]
  • QS Sep 2019: Inline comments cut off when using font other than QlikView Sans in NM [HICO-44181]
  • Dimension does not stay bold if the first measure is hidden via data rules [HICO-44184]
  • Button triggers autosave if action parameters are dynamic [HICO-44200]
  • Wrong numbers sometimes in Mail&Deploy-Reports [HICO-44219]
  • Comments with "Anonymous, Anonymous" user for "session" users [HICO-44309]
  • Installer does not start (when having used TRUECHART < 3.2.0 in the past) [HICO-44392]
  • Button is not rendered Internet Explorer if no unit is specified for numeric values [HICO-44433]
  • Table dimension column is smaller than it should be [HICO-44465]
  • Can't open table layout from settings editor [HICO-44478]
  • Can't make subtitles bold or italic through notation manual [HICO-44491]
  • No Service - Desktop Mode not available anymore [HICO-44530]

Known Issues v2019.5.5

TRUECHART v2019.5.4


Features and Improvements

  • Core
    • The need to save manually has been removed [HICO-42632]
  • Excel
    • General improvements regarding usability and stability [HICO-43791]
    • Welcome screen incl. getting started and information/links regarding TRUECHART Enterprise [HICO-43887]
    • Allow disabling dimensions/measures while mapping excel data sources [HICO-43346]
    • Improve identification of Excel data for dimensions and measures [HICO-43804]
    • Improved service dialog [HICO-43805]
    • Improved navigation for initial layouts [HICO-43806]
    • Improved toolbar styling [HICO-43807]
  • Qlik Sense
    • Hide scrollbars while NPrinting exports [HICO-44011]
    • Inform users when the current app is published and forced to reload the page  [HICO-43964] 


  • Core
    • Missing comments after publication or synchronization of the app [HICO-43607]
    • Improved error logging [HICO-43904]
    • Menu function 'Export table' is not always appearing in the context menu [HICO-42818]
    • Cannot open color picker in Notation Manual in bi independent core version [HICO-43513]
    • Excel Export: empty columns if decimals defined by a variable [HICO-43800]
    • Multiple Synchronization runs when it is done in parallel [HICO-43829]
    • Transport property of comments is not properly converted from version 2019.9.2 [HICO-43885]
    • Highlights and Compares don't work with multiple charts [HICO-43897]
    • LDAP: Users were removed if a sync process has failed [HICO-43903]
    • Multiple: Position setting is reset for second measure after closing config ui [HICO-43973]
  • Sense

    • QS June 2019 : Wrong leonardo ui icons shown (TRUECHART 2019.5.x and menubar 1.4.x) [HICO-43797]
    • QS June 2019 : TRUECHART breakes some Qlik Sense styles [HICO-43900]

    • TRUECHART breaks when interrupting on ongoing sync in the published app [HICO-43975]
    • Definitions on private sheets of other users within publicated app are not synchronized and missing/intial [HICO-44022]
    • Inline comments in published apps are missing within datastory export when common table renaming for publication is used [HICO-44031]
  • Excel

    • Selecting the "Excel Data" entry in the data editor shows no settings [HICO-43728]

    • Use as Variable option only exist if the majority of values are identified as numbers [HICO-43733]
    • "Data missing" error with certain date formats from Excel [HICO-43760]

    • Handling for ranges, table subsets/supersets fails when adding data [HICO-43809]
    • Error after adding a data source and canceling the editor [HICO-43893]
    • Initial data selection does no longer work in Desktop (365) [HICO-43894]
    • Error when removing variable data sources [HICO-43896]
    • Can't add table sources initially [HICO-43988]

Known Issues v2019.5.4

TRUECHART v2019.5.3


Features and Improvements

  • Support Qlik Sense Broker Service communication from multiple nodes (Qlik Sense & NPrinting) [HICO-43757]


  • Core
    • Load template dialog has no context tabs [HICO-43788]
    • Totals are displayed incorrectly when a measure is displayed as a line in stack mode [HICO-43775]
    • Preview has unnecessary padding on the right/bottom side [HICO-43717]
    • Calculation of quarter from JS Date instances is wrong [HICO-43698]
  • Sense

    • better compatibility with NPrinting, fixing problems with empty sheets and mixed up printed apps [HICO-43793]

    • TRUECHARTs properties gets requested/saved on every load [HICO-43787]

  • Excel

    • Dates are shifted by 1 day after changing data [HICO-43747]

    • Changing variables in Excel causes TRUECHART to freeze and reload [HICO-43736]

    • DataContext gets lost after reload [HICO-43451]

    • Data sources declared as variables still exist as a context [HICO-43337]

Known Issues v2019.5.3

TRUECHART v2019.5.2



  • MSSQL DB Update error: object is dependent on column 'SUPPORTINFO' [HICO-43738]

Known Issues v2019.5.2

TRUECHART v2019.5.1


Features and Improvements

  • Support data management within Excel 2016 [HICO-43512]
  • Support larger story mode exports (reduce data amount to be exported) [HICO-43329]
  • Improve NPrinting support for cycle dimensions & multiple exports [HICO-43328]
  • Support comment references in cell preview [HICO-41532]


  • Core

    • Change of comments ownership during sync process [HICO-43449]
    • Button actions are not correctly converted after update from version 2019.5.0 [HICO-43597]
    • Button margin and padding are not correctly converted after update from version 2019.5.0 [HICO-43596]
  • Service

    • User added manually from the AD can not be deleted [HICO-43574]
    • Unicode inputs were not correctly saved in MSSQL databases [HICO-43476]
  • Sense

    • Export of a story is not possible, when it is triggered in play mode [HICO-43525]
  • Cell editor

    • Values settings for "Suppress Zero" can’t be persisted [HICO-43088]

    • Distance multiplier does not support decimal number anymore [HICO-43090]

    • Remove buttons "Apply" and "Reset" from table layout editor [HICO-43143]

    • Newline characters in formula expressions are replaced with white spaces [HICO-43149]

  • Excel

    • TRUECHART overwrites settings from other TRUECHART add-ins [HICO-43487]
    • TRUECHART crashes when using merged cells [HICO-43378]
    • It’s possible to add multiple data contexts when clicking fast [HICO-43617]

Known Issues v2019.5.1

TRUECHART v2019.5.0



  • Support for TRUECHART for Excel 365, online and desktop (HICO-40778)

  • Cross platform cell actions [HICO-42429]

  • Fix security issues from penetration test [HICO-42566]

Features and Improvements

  • Core

    • Merge click behavior and button actions [HICO-40681], [HICO-42804]

    • Handle click behaviors/actions on grid cells (leave propagation) [HICO-42123]

    • Copy inline comments to clipboard [HICO-42510]

    • Support for Java 12 [HICO-43180]

    • By default, show sidebar and hide preview in data settings (if too small) [HICO-43343]

  • Qlik Sense

    • Alternate state support for cell actions [HICO-42649]

    • Implementation of error handling in case APP-Url has changed for action 'Share App' [HICO-42737]

    • Remove master dimension elements from action parameters, since they are not possible through Qlik Sense API [HICO-42720]

    • Make config.js editable through the Extension-Editor (TRUECHART) [HICO-43360]

    • Implementation of error handling in case APP-Url has changed for action 'Share App' [HICO-42737]


  • Structure Chart unnecessary scrolling and wrong content optimization [HICO-43177]

  • Linking of comment references doesn’t work in all cases [HICO-43338]

  • Using an master item in a published app can lead to an exception which makes it unusable [HICO-43361]

  • Filtering of comments for Excel export doesn’t work [HICO-43394]

  • errors when adding new TRUECHART to sheet in Sense April 2019 [HICO-43413]

  • Security Issue: Cross-Origin Resource Sharing [HICO-42525]

  • Security Issue: Prevent Clickjacking attack [HICO-42526]

  • Legend at value positions does not work next to totals (Time chart) [HICO-42792]

  • Various fixes and improvement to the button settings [HICO-41732]

  • Initialization of the app list does not take place with existing action 'Go to app' [HICO-42278]

  • Breadcrumb in layout editor does not work on small screen resolutions [HICO-42292]

  • Core: Comment tooltip is not correctly positioned [HICO-43272]

  • Cannot use OnSelection and "Reload Data" actions together [HICO-43362]

  • Hiding a dimension in a time chart also hides all subsequent dimensions [HICO-43389]

  • Content type selector size is not always optimal [HICO-43440]

  • Hide first dimension also hides other dimensions in time charts [HICO-42298]

  • Message popup in backend UI is broken when moving opened dialog [HICO-42919]

  • Moving newly added comment references causes errors in the console (IE11) [HICO-43463]

  • Comment-Tooltip-Marker lies over context-menu [HICO-43429]

  • Comment Reference on Scaling Helper number results in error and is not shown [HICO-43477]

Known Issues v2019.5.0

  • Legend at value positions does not work next to totals (Structure chart) [HICO-43377]

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