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Features & Improvements

User Template Management

TRUECHART template manager enables TCMC users to manage all templates globally within the TRUECHART management console. The functions introduced with this feature:
• Switch Templates between Private and Public
• Bulk Action possible
• Manage which users / groups a Template can be shared with
• Delete Templates
• Bulk Action possible

Table 2.0 Freeze Header Rows

You are now able to "Freeze" a header row on a TRUECHART table. This ensures that headers are visible when scrolling larger tables.

Table 2.0 Header Sorting

Allows the user to click on a table header to sort it by the selected column either Ascending or Descending.

Table 2.0 Support for HICO Converter to XLS

When exporting from Table 2.0 all data is exported to Excel with represented font, colour and NM headers format.

Bug Fixes
• Axes that were not drawn when the Notation Manual font size was increased to greater than 13pt issue has been resolved.
• The time chart triangle symbol measure position was incorrect. The triangle was not aligned to the bar (positioned higher) - this issue has been resolved.
• Column reference that bound to the incorrect header column issue has been resolved


Bug Fixes
• When dimension "First Value" toggle is active and new name input is entered on PowerBI it didn't reflect the change on the chart - this issue has now been resolved.



Features & Improvements
• Table 2.0 Performance - Overall performance on Table 2.0 has been improved.

Bug Fixes
• Unit not displayed in the correct position in Table 2.0 - When the unit position is set to end, an error occurred where TC did not adhere to this selection, and the unit reflected in the incorrect position, this has now been corrected.
• Adding a blank perspective comment in between existing comments caused a reference error - this issue has now been resolved


Features & Improvements
• Various Improvements for additional requirements, to pass Microsoft Certification

Bug Fixes
• Comment reference bubbles not visible - this has been corrected.
• Blank Visuals - Further improvements have been implemented to correct this


Bug Fixes
• Table 2.0 Image Export and Snapshot - When exporting a table or taking a Snapshot of a table with a KPI-CHAT column, an error occurred, there tables can now be exported to all available formats.
• Mail&Deploy - Handle Chrome engine HTML Codes



Features & Improvements

  •  Various performance enhancements
  •  Context saving has been optimized, which has significantly improved the performance when painting and opening the visuals.
  •  Mail & Deploy - TRUECHART is now compatible with M&D v3 for QlikSense and QlikSaaS.
  •  TRUECHART, MENUBAR and KPI-CHAT, is now fully compatible with QlikSaaS
  •  TLS Encryption for database connection is now supported
  •  TRUECHART Management Console - Dimension Value Field capture has been enhanced to allow the user to add a new value, instead of requiring the entire field to be recaptured.
  •  Tooltip timestamp - Formatting settings for tooltips now conform to User/Document settings.
  •  TRUECHART Error Messages - A TRUECHART logo has been added to the TRUECHART error messages, to allow the user easier differentiation between their BI App errors, and TRUECHART error messages.

Bug Fixes

  •  Scaling helper
    •  The "Scaling Helper" can now be disabled without the requirement to untick the "Maximize" option.
    •  The "Scaling Helper" is now only applied to the selected charts.
  •  Table 1.0 - Line & Line+Symbol charts misalignment by 1px issue has been resolved.
  •  Shared Context Table 2.0 - Extracting in an embed window, for a visual with a shared context, the "No Context Found" error has been rectified for NPrinting and Mail & Deploy
  •  Cell Value Function Display conditions - The show condition preferences for values can now be individualized and do not apply across all measures.
  •  Button Actions - The TCMenu triggers are now functioning for duplicated and published apps.
  •  Installer - The Username is now a mandatory field when running the installer.
  •  Reference Bubble - The reference bubbles that were still visible over other TC visuals, has now been corrected



Features & Improvements
• Architectural Improvements - Various Architectural improvements have been implemented that has improved the performance of TRUECHART.
• SQL Password Function - User now has the option to provide a new password to be used for the DB connection. TRUECHART will then provide the encrypted password to capture in the xml config file.
• No User Permissions error - When a user does not have the required permissions, the visual will display an error message instead of remaining blank.

Bug Fixes
• Waterfall table - The 1-pixel misalignment has been rectified.
• Common utils date functions - This function has been corrected to always display correctly, taking UTC conversion and daylight saving into account.
• Clear All button - when selecting this action, a bug occurred where the user was unable to confirm or save these settings, this has now been rectified.


Bug Fixes
• QlikSaaS - Connection to TRUECHART Service - the connection to the TRUECHART service now functions as expected.


Bug Fixes
• Toaster Popup link - links on Toaster popup are now clickable.

Known Issues

HICO-45543 . TC4Sense: comment setting gets mixed up after switching KPI position

In the TRUECHART - Table 1.0/ Legacy Table :

When changing the positioning of your KPIs in Qlik Sense after changing a KPI's type, the IDs between TRUECHART and Qlik Sense would become different. 


  1. Add 1 Dimension and 2 Measures (for example,
    Order: 1. “AC”, 2. “Comment”) to the TC object.
  2. Under “Charts” Click on “Table”
  3. Under “Data” in the Qlik Sense Properties panel, change the positioning/order of the KPI’s (Order: 1. “Comment”, 2. “AC”)
  4. Right on the table and select “Cell”
  5. Next to the Comments I change the field type to “Comment”

The changes made to your KPIs would then not be applied to the selected KPIinstead being applied to a different KPI.


Rearrange your KPIs in Qlik Sense before you select which TrueChart object 


  1. Right click on your table and select “Cell”
  2. Then select “Table Layout” and reposition your “Comments” field by dragging it up or down the list 

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