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The following browsers are supported:

  • Google Chrome (7985+)
  • Microsoft Edge (7985+)
  • Firefox (7980+)


Notice: Internet Explorer 11 is not supported!

First steps

Add TRUECHART to your report page


Here you can decide, if you want to use TRUECHART without the back end for collaboration, by pressing the "Continue without Service" button. Otherwise, you have to enter your Customer ID (given to you by us after you submit your installation details and have a working license entered in the back end). If the Customer ID is valid, you are prompted to specify a user name:


Applying a user name

In order to support the collaborationfunctionalitycollaboration functionality, it is needed to specify a static or dynamic user name. Find additional information here: Setup user binding.


Although TRUECHART works without any data connection, you'll probably want adding to add some data from Power BI’s Fields pane. For displaying charts, at least one dimension and one measure must be selected.


Known Issue: At the moment there is a known issue with PowerBI itself when using the 1:1 Actual size view, where the custom visuals doesndon't get their state updated when switching between reading and editing mode. The PowerBI team is aware of this and hopefully resolves this soon.