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WARNING: TRUECHART Visuals will be related to one another depending on if they are created in Power BI Desktop or Power BI Service, if you are using perspective commenting you must not duplicate TRUECHART visuals, otherwise the service will not work as expected.

Workflow 1 – Developing  Developing in Power BI Desktop & Publish to Power BI Service

  1. Design in Power BI Desktop, all comments here are in development status
  2. Publish to Power BI Service, comments from Power BI Desktop (dev status) will vanish.
  3. In Power BI Service you can share the report and comment on it, comments will be stored as expected.
  4. If you want to Edit the report with TRUECHART included then you have to download the report/open the power bi desktop dev file, you will then see only "dev comments" if the report was not opened in edit mode in PowerBI service.
  5. After you edited everything and republish, the comments ("prod comments") in the service will be back.

Workflow 2 – Design  Design in Power BI Service

If you are creating reports only from within Power BI Service (you are not using Power BI Desktop) as a self-service user with pre-defined datasets and only import TRUECHART, the comments are always in prod status. Comments are only intended to switch to dev status if you are downloading reports and open them in Power BI Desktop.