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trueChart is a scalable, enterprise-class solution that integrates with, and extends the functionality of Qlik Sense in the context of repsonsive advanced chart creation, IBCS, Report and Annotation & Commenting.

Please look for general information in the trueChart Platform introduction.

Qlik Sense Enhancement PackIn addition to the cross-platform benefits, trueChart also extend the Qlik Sense platform specifically with powerful menubar navigation, dynamic table functionality and comprehensive screen layout optimization tools. Easily create “mashup”-like views and layouts from within the native Qlik Sense environment. In addition to supporting NPrinting, trueChart also fully integrates with Mail & Deploy’s advanced printing solution for Qlik Sense to provide functionlaity for multipage tables (e.g. PDF, Word, etc.) and data exports (Excel), including formatted comments and selective export of defined layout cells.


Information about all supported versions (including older versions) can be found here.


The standard export (image, pdf, pptx) of trueChart by Qlik Sense is fully supported.



For larger data stories (6 or more sheets to be exported), the amount of data can even lead to export crashes. This problem has been reported to Qlik and will be investigated in cooperation and promptly resolved. As a workaround, multi-page reports can be used with the help of export solutions such as NPrinting or Mail & Deploy.

Qlik Sense Mobile

Qlik Sense Mobile is supported by trueChart. trueChart supports the online and offline mode of the Qlik Sense Mobile App. Since downloaded offline apps within Qlik Sense Mobile are readonly, trueChart commenting functionalities not available in this offline mode.