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Define your own event you can give a custom name. This can be used by involving HiCo.performCustomTrigger("triggername", "triggerdata")in a custom action. For every event, you can define one or multiple actions, such as Go to sheet to change the view to a different sheet or Select match to alter the current selection.

Execution Order

Actions of a specific trigger are executed in the order they are defined (from top to bottom) without explicitly waiting for each other to be finished before executing the next one. In case of asynchronous calls this may lead to a different execution order. For most actions (like selecting fields, setting variables, etc.) this is the best option, because they will be performed as fast as possible. This leads to less requests to the "Qlik Sense Engine" and results in better performance/stability. For use cases were the execution order is important, every action can be defined as "sequential" where the execution order will then be respected, by executing them one by one.