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With version 1.4.0 the extension got renamed and is now called menubar. With the new name the menubar also got a brand new logo.

menubar logoImage RemovedImage Added

Figure 2. New menubar logo.


The Field Slider allows to select values of a dimension with a slider component.

field-slider-examplesImage RemovedImage Added

Figure 3. Field Slider examples.


Individual colors can be defined for every element of the menubar. There is no limitation on what you want to style. Even the funkiest menubars can now be designed.

whats new colorsImage RemovedImage Added

Figure 4. Individual Colors.


The option to style the sheet background allows you to style the Sense sheet background with an image, color or both. This also works in storymode if a menubar elements is placed on the slide and has an active background styling.

whats new backgroundImage RemovedImage Added

Figure 5. Sheet with Background styling.


After updating, menubar will guide you through this process. At first, navigate to the sheets where you use menubar. Now, it will automaticly check if you use expressions somewhere. If so, you will see the dialog below. Please make sure that all expressions comply with the above mentioned specifications. Once you have done this, you can confirm by clicking on the appropriate button. Only when all expressions have been confirmed, you are able to save the changes and close the dialog.

migration dialogImage RemovedImage Added

Figure 6. The dialog that leads you trough the migration process


Changes to a published app cannot be persisted. So it is necessary to perform the migration in another way:

migration procedureImage RemovedImage Added

Figure 7. Process to migrate published apps



An update to the latest version of the menubar without prior adjustment of the dimension expressions leads to incorrect evaluation of the dimensions and therefore corrupt published apps!

migration config settings dialogImage RemovedImage Added

Figure 8. The Config settings dialog