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Comment: 1.4.x (there are no special things for minor releases here)

Table of Contents

Whats's New?

With version 1.4.0 x of the menubar comes a bunch of new features. Here is a short introduction to the main features of this release.

New name and logo

With version 1.4.0 the The extension got renamed and is now called menubar. With the new name the menubar also got a brand new logo.



An upgrade from version less than v1.1.0 to the current version may require an migration. If this migration is not done carefully, apps may break. The procedure is described in detail in Migration from version less v1.1.0..

Migration for published apps

In the context of new versions, necessary adjustments within the apps are usually carried out automatically during loading. This is transparent for the users. An indication of this are corresponding logging entries in the development console of the browser.


To avoid permanent migrations of the apps, we therefore recommend opening the corresponding apps as soon as possible in an unpublished mode, so that migration is then performed once and the changes are saved automatically. These apps should then be published again.

Migration from version less v1.1.0

With the release of version v1.1.0 we introduced the support of master and dynamic dimensions. To use this feature, you have to be sure that all expressions correspond to the expression syntax known from Qlik Sense, which means:


Figure 6. The dialog that leads you trough the migration process

Automatic migration for published apps in production

Changes to a published app cannot be persisted. So it is necessary to perform the migration in another way: