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Appendix D: Releases Notes

menubar v1.4.1

2019-04-09 * Features and Improvements ** Buttons with reduced "width" show no active mouse cursor outside its click area [HICO-43052]

  • Bugs

    • Button "line breaks" not working anymore when they are in a group item [HICO-43267]

    • Single Select: selected item is not automatically in focus [HICO-43219]

    • Sense Select: toolbar overlaps the label area [HICO-43219]

    • Variable slider does not support decimal frequency values [HICO-43096]

    • Action tab is broken when the menubar is incompatible with trueChart version [HICO-43164]

    • Incomplete separator in case of new buttons in a new button container [HICO-43209]

menubar v1.4.0


  • Features and Improvements

    • Element item: Field slider (single / range) [HICO-2534]

    • Option to style sheet background (color / image) [HICO-40682]

    • Responsive adjustment of the font size (granular) depending on the object width [HICO-41302]

    • Add hyperlink text for "Share app" and "Go to app" actions [HICO-41053]

    • Deselectable single select [HICO-41452]

    • Update logo, rename to "menubar", free (branded) version on branch/git [HICO-41873]

    • Option to hide elements in mobile view [HICO-41874]

    • Option, for individual background colors for menubar elements [HICO-42224]

    • White list configuration for button actions [HICO-42317]

    • High CPU Load / Crash while working with a menubar containing many elements from Qlik Sense September 2018 [HICO-42659]

  • Bugs

    • trueChart menubar download page broken in Edge [HICO-41932]

    • Hiding sense elements (selection-/edit bar etc.) is broken, when optional condition is defined (and true → hide) but the current setting is "show" [HICO-42155]

    • Navigating to a sheet without tcmenu from sheet with "hide sense element settings" breaks the UI [HICO-42312]

    • Visualization results from "dynamic font size calculation" are divergent. [HICO-42706]

    • Onload Trigger Bookmark does not work with F5 [HICO-42722]

    • Hidden search icon in Sense Select for Surface Devices [HICO-42728]

    • Button as sub-item (Group) don’t show input field for "Use custom size" [HICO-42731]

    • Color settings for sub-item (button) don’t work [HICO-42732]

    • IE11 labels in dropdown menus aren’t displayed [HICO-42738]

    • Make new slider-feature compatible with Qlik Sense versions <09/2018 [HICO-42742]

    • Sequential selection does not work as expected [HICO-42784]

    • Hiding Sense elements (display condition: false) is broken in latest Qlik Sense version (2019/02) [HICO-42832]

    • Hiding sense elements (selection-/edit bar etc.) is broken, when optional condition is defined (and true → hide) but the current setting is "show" [HICO-42155]

    • Preview of buttons state settings doesn’t work [HICO-42582]

    • Group element of horizontal menu wrong height in mobile view [HICO-43015]

    • Individual Colors for Variable Input not completely correct [HICO-43024]

    • Drilldown toolbar dropdown is rendered wrong [HICO-43031]

    • Editing "title" don’t work properly and results in error [HICO-43018]

    • Problems with dynamically calculated font size [HICO-42924]

    • Button Action White-/Blacklisting does not work [HICO-43049]

    • Export (png/pdf) of menubar and trueChart results in "invalid visualization" [HICO-42830]

    • Selected LUI Icons leads to wrong icon in element [HICO-43009]

menubar v1.3.5


  • Bug

    • App sharing link contains invalid characters within Qlik Sense Septemer 2018 [HICO-42175]

    • Button Action 'Select Possible' does not work correctly [HICO-42222]

    • Leonardo UI icons are broken after update to v1.3.4 (standalone menubar objects and within export scenarios) [HICO-42491]

menubar v1.3.4


  • New Feature

    • Support for Qlik Sense November 2018

    • Support for alternate states (in all supported Qlik Sense Versions) [HICO-40727]

    • Extension of the size steps regarding font adaptation for small devices (landscape phones, 576px and up) [HICO-42132]

  • Bugs

    • menubar dropdowns are overlapped by trueChart comment reference numbers [HICO-41118]

    • menubar dropdowns remains while navigation with incomplete content [HICO-42252]

    • Position adjustment feature causes scrollbars on sheets from Qlik Sense September 2018 [HICO-42299]

menubar v1.3.3


  • Bugs

    • Rendering in Edge browser does not work correctly if position adjustment feature is used [HICO-41304]

    • Color defined in menu for text hover does not work for button elements [HICO-41399]

    • Main element colors are not applied to element group [HICO-41755]

menubar v1.3.2


  • Features and Improvements

    • Support of NPrinting for menubar [HICO-40539]

  • Bugs

    • Default sorting for Sense Select elements are alphabetically instead of "selection state" [HICO-41437]

menubar v1.3.1


  • Features and Improvements

    • Support for Qlik Sense June 2018 [HICO-41107]

  • Bugs

    • Date picker not working in horizontal orientation [HICO-41156]

    • Action "Toggle fullscreen" not disables in auto mode (no condition) [HICO-41183]

menubar v1.3.0


  • Features and Improvements

    • New element item: Date Range Picker (single, multi, range) [HICO-2562]

    • New element item: Variable slider (single, multi, range) [HICO-2460]

    • New element item: Inputbox [HICO-2561]

    • Options to disable sense snapshot and maximize object buttons [HICO-2931]

    • New button action "Unlock field" [HICO-40891]

    • Selection based color configuration for single select elements [HICO-40931]

  • Bugs

    • Button Action "Select Value(s)" not working for all field types (numeric vs. text) [HICO-40918]

menubar v1.2.6


  • Bugs

    • Pop up windows at bottom opens down, so they not usable [HICO-40732]

    • Filters in app chaining break the URL if the dimension values contain backslashes [HICO-40852]

    • Incorrect behavior in connection with the sense engine with opened sense selections that are hidden by a dynamic display condition [HICO-41017]

    • menubar dropdowns are overlapped by trueChart comment cells [HICO-41033]

menubar v1.2.5


  • Bugs

    • menubar selections not showing in any cases [HICO-40903]

    • SelectValues action in button do not select, when field already has selections [HICO-40944]

    • Trigger action "clear Field" is not executed [HICO-40950]

    • onSelection trigger of a button skips the first onSelection event [HICO-40967]

menubar v1.2.4


  • Bugs

    • Select items remain "unselected" even if corresponding fields have selections [HICO-40884]

    • Button does not perform any further actions if a previous action was defined incorrectly and cannot be executed [HICO-40885]

    • Full screen action do not toggle after the toggle condition was edited [HICO-40888]

    • Failed upgrade (to 1.1.0) leads to repetitive update tries [HICO-40890]

menubar v1.2.3


  • Bugs

    • Pop up windows at bottom opens down, so they not usable [HICO-40732]

    • Filters in app chaining break the URL if the dimension values contain backslashes [HICO-40852]

    • Incorrect behavior in connection with the sense engine with opened sense selections that are hidden by a dynamic display condition [HICO-41017]

    • menubar dropdowns are overlapped by trueChart comment cells [HICO-41033]

menubar v1.2.2


  • Features and Improvements

    • Disable calculations in tcmenus HyperCube [HICO-40853]


Properties updates can not be applied when the app is published! To upgrade menubar properly, you have to open the published app in a writable stream (i.e. by duplicating it), open a sheet containing the menubar, so that updates can be performed. Afterwards you can (re-)publish the updated app.

menubar v1.2.1


  • Bugs

    • Select sorting after migration to v1.2 not correct (custom expression is missing) [HICO-40731]

menubar v1.2.0


  • Features and Improvements

    • New action "Go to app" (document chaining) [HICO-2564]

    • New action "Share app" (email | clipboard) [HICO-40703]

    • Responsive font sizes (menubar and buttons) [HICO-2901]

    • Grouping of elements: Single & Sense Select, Variable Dropdown, Button & Button Container [HICO-40496]

      • Migration of multi and button dropdown elements to group elements [HICO-40533]

    • Option to duplicate and copy/paste existing elements and sub elements [HICO-2233]

    • Trigger default selection when showing single select again [HICO-40576]

  • Bugs

    • Exception when creating new dimensions in extension as master item [HICO-40671]

menubar v1.1.3


  • Bugs

    • Exception when creating new dimensions in extension as master item [HICO-40671]

    • Inline icon in button text is not displayed [HICO-40712]

menubar v1.1.2


  • Bugs

    • Sense export was broken with version 1.1.1 [HICO-40659]

menubar v1.1.1


  • Bugs

    • General text settings do not affect correctly [HICO-40627]

    • JS-Exception while migration from v.1.0.4 to v1.1.0 [HICO-40646]

menubar v1.1.0


  • Features and Improvements

    • Support of Sense PDF export function [HICO-2178]

    • Support of drill-down dimensions in selections (Single, Sense and Multi) [HICO-2560]

    • Conditional display and hiding of menu elements [HICO-2890]

    • Improvement when using master item dimensions and expression-based dimensions [HICO-2524]

    • Specify expressions for dimension definition directly [HICO-2601]

    • Option to enter title, subtitle or footnote [HICO-2889]

    • Mark button+ actions for parallel (faster) or sequential (in order)execution [HICO-40445]

    • New position of edit button state in properties panel [HICO-40461]

    • Performance: Reduced initial loading time [HICO-40463]

  • Bugs

    • menubar destroys representation of Sense filter pane objects in same sheet [HICO-2726]

    • Button+ UI code editor not working [HICO-2905]

    • [JS-Exception] due to incorrect default value expressions in single select items [HICO-2939]

    • Custom actions are not visible initially after reopening button+ editor [HICO-40454]

    • [JS-Exception] TypeError: Cannot read property 'layout' of undefined [HICO-40487]

menubar v1.0.8


  • Features and Improvements

    • Support of Sense 2017.11 Release (works also with v1.0.7)

    • Button+: Automatic line breaks in button+ text [HICO-2324]

  • Bugs

    • Button+ overwrites default hover color of the tCMenu, although no hover color is defined in Button+ [HICO-2897]

    • Button+ code editor not working in tc menubar [HICO-2905]

    • Scrolling with the mouse wheel in Sense Select does not work with IE11 [HICO-2933]

    • Single select description text im menubar not initial visible on iPad [HICO-28625]

    • Sense select breakes after selection with dynamic dimensions [HICO-31517]

menubar v1.0.7


  • Features and Improvements

    • Support of Sense 2017.09 Release [HICO-2572]

    • Button+: Custom CSS can defined as expression [HICO-2718]

    • HiCo.API: Code-Notification after menubar painting [HICO-2834]

menubar v1.0.6


  • Features and Improvements

    • Option to hide sense navigation, title and selection bar [HICO-2559]

    • Button+: Definition of padding & margin [HICO-2301]

    • Button+: Image library (apps include used images for export) [HICO-2506]

    • Button+: Add new toggle fullscreen action [HICO-2687]

menubar v1.0.5


  • Features and Improvements

    • Support of Sense 2017.07 Release [HICO-2571]

  • Bug

    • Initial logo does not match the object size [HICO-2419]

    • Change of background color not applied [HICO-2598]

    • JS Exception on click on button dropdown [HICO-2675]

menubar v1.0.4


  • Features and Improvements

    • Improvement in handling session timeouts (selections fail, display not correct) [HICO-2612]

    • Add option to apply default selections sequentially [HICO-2620]

  • Bug

    • Sense Select and Single Select broken with Error from Engine after toggeling qlikSense Mode [HICO-2453]

    • Sense Dropdown is sometimes empty [HICO-2584]

    • Accumulation of the QlikSense error "Internal error" with trueChart4Sense-3.2.4 [HICO-2618]

menubar v1.0.3


  • Features and Improvements

    • Copy dimension name as default value to label [HICO-2369]

    • Show action cursor and hover color only if button actions defined [HICO-2450]

    • Renaming tc-Menu > menubar [HICO-2473]

    • Hidden field support for select actions in button+ [HICO-2531]

  • Bug

    • Initial selection is not reset correctly when using dynamic (expression) default selection value for Single Selects [HICO-2413]

    • Wrong selection count / undefined in selection label [HICO-2416]

    • Dropdown placeholder in menu to long [HICO-2417]

    • ButtonPlus IE overlay in DropDown General State [HICO-2434]

    • Select value(s) action not working correct with some number values [HICO-2440]

    • Button not updated after setting new state condition [HICO-2441]

    • Menu elements in IE differs from Chrome [HICO-2443]

    • Dropdown backround longer than element size [HICO-2444]

    • Hover color isn’t working in Button Dropdown IE [HICO-2456]

    • Extension repaint while open/close sense select [HICO-2470]

    • Performance issues in "edit" mode, in combination with Qlik Sense v3.2SR3 or v3.2SR4 [HICO-2498]

    • Error while perform selection based on master item with expression [HICO-2514]

    • Expression based dimensions not working correct, selected dimension on item could be removed [HICO-2523]

    • New menu property calculation variable is not visible [HICO-2537]

    • Vertical Multi-Select scrolls to top when opening Single Select [HICO-2553]

menubar v1.0.2


  • Features and Improvements

    • Performance Improvement: Improve variable updates [HICO-2386]

    • Indication of running selections as calculation variable and minor improvements on button action editor (sorting & add new action) [HICO-2391]

    • User documentation in "Apperance/Info" section in properties panel [HICO-2392]

  • Bug

    • Default selections lead to endles loop when fields hidden by data script [HICO-2393]

menubar v1.0.1


  • Features and Improvements

    • Position adjustment settings for trueChart & menubar to remove spaces in sense grid object layout [HICO-1949]

    • Horizontal menu is displayed in the small device (less iPad) as a vertical menu [HICO-2224]

    • Font-Family and Text-Style Settings [HICO-2225]

    • MashUp Support for Button+ and menubar (incl. HiCo MashUp Template Update) [HICO-2226]

    • Custom Scrolling for TCMenu [HICO-2227]

    • Touch support for trueChart & menubar [HICO-2243]

    • Performance improvement regarding button+ and trueChart communication with sense [HICO-2255]

  • Bug

    • Selection label is empty after opening sheet [HICO-2216]

    • Variable dropdown selection lable switch has no effect, if custom label was defined [HICO-2230]

    • Qlik color expression (argb) is evaluated wrong [HICO-2234]

    • Horizontal seperator is repeated on the right [HICO-2235]

    • Single Select scroll position for selected element is not as expected (for long lists) [HICO-2236]

    • No seperator between element and subelement in vertical menu [HICO-2238]

    • No scrolling in long horizontal Button Dropdown elements [HICO-2239]

    • Button Dropdown selection label is not working [HICO-2241]

    • Multi Select name can’t be an expression → no expression support for elements name anymore [HICO-2245]

    • Menu element icons can’t be removed [HICO-2247]

    • Scrollbar doesn’t disapear after reseting scrolling condition [HICO-2257]

    • Buttons not clickable in IE11 and wrong styles displayed (trueChart and menubar) [HICO-2271]

    • Sorting at sense selection incorrect → [HICO-2319]

    • If sorting is set to automatic, the sorting by selection status (ascending) is set internally

    • If sorting is defined manually, the user has to define the sorting himself and, if necessary, he must also specify the sorting by selection status. With this sort, the selection behavior corresponds to the Qlik Sense standard.

    • The recommendation is to define sorting by selection status for Sense Selects and never for single selection (corresponds to the automatic behavior).

    • Performance improvement: Single Selects default selections are triggered multiple times [HICO-2357]

menubar v1.0.0


  • Epic

    • menubar Extension [HICO-1983]

    • Trigger Action Button (Button+), supports multiple trigger actions (OnLoad, OnSelection, OnClick, BeforNavigation) and advanced button styling [HICO-1984]

    • User based customizable button+ actions per extension (menubar & trueChart) [HICO-2193]