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  •  Bugs
    • KPI-Tile: Value format can't be changed [HICO-45326]
    • KPI-Tile: KPIs in group container overwrite the labels[HICO-45326]
    • Duplicate item not available in variable drop down [HICO-45330]
    • Padding not equal for button and sense select [HICO-45344]
    • Fixed some potential problems regarding old button migration [HICO-45394]
    • Range-Picker Selection Label Orientation missing [HICO-45397]

MENUBAR v1.5.1


  • Features and Improvements
    • KPI-Tile: Open data settings first [HICO-45143]
    • KPI-Tile: Support expressions for conditions [HICO-45189]
    • KPI-Tile: Create custom expression based dimensions and measure [HICO-45202]
    • KPI-Tile: New feature to enter a label for dimension & measures [HICO-45203]
    • KPI-Tile: Improve title label editing [HICO-45205]
    • KPI-Tile: Limit max. dimension element amount to 1 [HICO-45207]
    • Qlik Sense Enterprise Cloud Support [HICO-45160 & HICO-45230]
  •  Bugs
    • Hide "Snapshot Button" function broken with QS Sept. 2020 [HICO-45228]