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Our new release has major updates for the entire product and is packed with improvements. We are happy to give you an overview of all the enhancements of TRUECHART for this update.

TRUECHART v2020.11.0

TRUECHART4QlikView: Core Integration

Great news for all QlikView users out there: We did a full feature update to push our QlikView version to the next level! From this version on you can integrate the latest TRUECHART features to your QlikView environment. This includes all current features such as real-time commenting, the KPI-CHAT integration for data-point-based collaboration, templates, the new configuration interface and and and. Enjoy & let us know how you like the enhanced interface!

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Unified Installer!

In the last release, we updated you on the capabilities to download your preferred TRUECHART extension for the supported BI tools. From Version 2020.11 on we even unified the installer so that there is only one option: install one TRUECHART service and be ready to go!

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Qlik Sense Enterprise: Cloud Support

Not a lot of words needed for that: we made sure to support is the Qlik Sense Enterprise Cloud!

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Release Notes

For a complete overview of all new features and fixes, please refer to the Release Notes.

TRUECHART v2020.9.0

Comment Editor (Emoji support)

As we believe collaboration is key to a state-of-the-art BI solution, we integrated a new editor that fits in TRUECHARTs modern UI, adding a new feature that users love: Emojis!

KPI-CHAT Integration

You haven’t heard about KPI-CHAT? First to see how collaborative business intelligence will speed up decision-making processes, reduce miscommunication, prevent information loss and ultimately make decisions better trace- and auditable!

And now guess what: You can integrate KPI-CHAT after it’s released, also planned within September 2020 directly into TRUECHART as a newly added cell-type and even more relevant for all the decision-makers out there, KPI-CHAT can be integrated into TRUECHART tables to lead conversations on row-based values.


Downloadable Extensions

With the new version, TRUECHART must be installed and administered no longer complex, but the IT can be distributed and managed so the Extensions/Custom visuals for all supported platforms more simply.

From this Version on, you will be able to download the TRUECHART extension, custom visual or manifest to integrate it into your preferred BI system – supporting our one license fits all mentality!

Additionally the upcoming release of our brand new product KPI-CHAT will be fully accessible. More information here...

Open JDK Support

From this release on, all TRUECHART installations and service instances not only support OracleJDK but also OpenJDK broadening the base for your IT infrastructure and giving you the flexibility to run TRUECHART comfortably.

More information here...

UX/UI Improvements

In terms of UX, the latest version of TRUECHART lets you access the data context and comment groups even faster, speeding up the design process. Don’t forget to check out the new look and feel of commenting groups!

Release Notes

For a complete overview of all new features and fixes, please refer to the Release Notes.

TRUECHART v2020.3.0


This release is all about the first step towards commenting 2.0 and will give you a first impression on how collaboration and commenting in TRUECHART will improve in the future, ranging from new comment types over real-time capabilities to new UI elements.

New comment types

Introducing the new comment types for measures, designers will have the ability to choose from five different characteristics: Comment, Date, Flag, List and Value Input. To enjoy the full feature set, we recommend using the new Table 2.0 which is input ready.

With the newly introduced comment group functionality, it is now possible to input values based on your data that can be used in any other report based on the keys you choose. We invite you to check this new feature out and give us feedback on how you like it!

Real-time commenting for tables

Not only have the comment types been reworked and extended – TRUECHART now supports real-time commenting functionalities in our new table 2.0!

This means: no more reloading to get up to date & input blocking if someone is already commenting. How cool is that?

Comment groups

We have mentioned the new comment group functionality already when talking about the new comment types – but let’s see what they are about.

Comment groups are a way to make comments sustainable and easy to manage. If you are designing a visualization- and commenting-processes, you now have the possibility to create for example a comment group that can contain textual comments only for your sales team to comment on results or plan values of different customers.

Actually – this can be done for any comment type making it possible to use TRUECHART for simple planning scenarios or what-if analyses!


Other big parts of this release include better UI integrations and visualization improvements such as Table 2.0 that is input-ready, or improvements of the user experience when accessing the data menu by right-clicking on the wanted measure.

Table 2.0

This new table integration lets users and designers access writeback functionalities and comment group functionalities. Watch out for the upcoming releases that will transform this implementation into the best table of the world.

Stacked Chart UI rework

We also reworked parts of the stacked chart section, making it easier for designers to order stackable measures by drag & drop.

Table Layout

Another huge improvement is the transition of the table layout to the new UI – we hope you like this improvement as much as we do!

Additional Usability Improvements

It has never been easier to use TRUECHART and we want it to be even easier.

For this purpose, we have added an overlay menu so that the most important functions are now directly available without right-clicking. For example, you can now switch directly between displaying and editing comments or jump directly to the various settings.

We have also improved the navigation between the settings of data and cell contents. Now you can switch directly from the cell configuration to the setting of the relevant measures, this is also possible by right-clicking directly on a visualization.

Updated Management Console User Interface

Sometimes it is good to make administrating software more comfortable and that’s something we wanted to do for some time now and will deliver with this new release of TRUECHART.

Release Notes

For a complete overview of all new features and fixes, please refer to the Release Notes.

Migration for published apps

In the context of new versions, necessary adjustments within the apps are usually carried out automatically during loading. This is transparent for the users. An indication of this is corresponding logging entries in the development console of the browser.

Since changes to published apps cannot be saved, these automatic changes must be made at every load, which can have a negative effect on the loading speed of the visualization.

To avoid permanent migrations of the apps, we recommend opening the corresponding apps as soon as possible in an unpublished mode, so that migration is then performed once, and the changes are saved automatically. These apps should then be published again.

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