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Users with Notation manual access can follow the below guide in order to change their bar width 

Please follow the below steps 

  • In Designer Mode, right click on the object and click on “Cell”

  • Click on the “Wrench icon” in the top left.

Alternate Notation Manual access

In the Right Click menu above, select TRUECHART , then Overall and lastly Notation Manual

  • Click on "Notation Manual", then click "Time" and you will be able to adjust the "Bar width".

Below is an example of the Notation Manual settings for a trueChart Structure chart, you can change these settings for Tables and Multiples as well.

  • Then you can click on the below save options:

Save & Close: Will affect TRUECHART objects globally.


 Global changes to the Notation Manual will affect all trueChart visuals

Save local: Will only affect the TRUECHART objects on your local version.