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The new version of KPI-CHAT has just been released !

We are excited to introduce the latest version of KPI-CHAT, same features, better performance, better looking.

  • Features & Improvements
    •  KPI-CHAT Core has been separated from TRUECHART to enhance performance
    •  New and improved User Interface, for easier navigation
    •  Comment, reply and delete comments on specific data points
    •  Create and Update channels
    •  Search channels
    •  Get notifications on Unread messages
    •  Implement rigorous Data Permissions


Features & Improvements
• Retain User Subscription - The channel Administrator can now enable this option, which would restrict users from unsubscribing from a channel, and therefore ensuring all users receive notifications for that channel.
• Text Edit Box Default - To allow more visual space for the user to view messages, the default on the text edit box has been set to minimized.

Bug Fixes
• Two Emails on Immediate Notifications - The application will only send one email when the notifications is set to Immediately.


Features & Improvements
• Custom Visual on Microsoft PowerBI - KPI CHAT is now available as a Custom Visual on PowerBI
• Handle drill-down dimensions on PowerBI for KPI-CHAT filters - all assigned selections within the custom visual, are available for the filter data dimension dropdown
Bug Fixes
• Reply, Edit & Delete messages in Table 2.0 for KPI CHAT error has been resolved and all these functions are now available again.

Editing channels after creation

Note that creating filters on channels after it has been used by consumers already will cause messages, sent prior to filter creation , to be lost. 

We are aware of this issue and will notify users via our Release Notices when it has been rectified


Features & Improvements
• Role Management has been enhanced for user experience and also adheres to the same functionality and expected behaviour as the TCMC User Management facility


Bug Fixes
• Upgraded the KPI CHAT email template to no longer make use of base 64 format images;
• Updated KPI CHAT password encryption.

KPI-CHAT v2021.1.0

Features & Improvements

  • Permissions
    • User permissions have been enhanced and now allows you the capability to control who can see and contribute to chats.
    • Admin users can be specified per channel, giving you more control.
  • KPI CHAT now functions similarly to the popular chat applications you know and love with added functions now available such as:
    • Unread Message Count display
    • Ability to Archive channel
    • Ability to Delete a message
    • Ability to "Reply" to a specific message in a channel
    • Ability to "Edit" a sent message
    • Ability to search Channels
  • KPI CHAT is also now available in both English and German.
  • You can now customize colours and themes on the application to match your company’s Corporate Identity.

Known Issues

  • PowerBI - When the "All" filter is used, the full list displays in the header – this is not circumventable at this point, as this is a function of the BI Tool

KPI-CHAT v2020.11.1


Features & Improvements

  • New permission: KPI-CHAT System Administrator [KC-1112]
  • Provide password to get access on newly synced channels [KC-1114]
  • Cant @ users in kpi chat that don't have an email address set [KC-1208]


  • Text Editor is Missing when opening a channel through email link and messenger [KC-1186]
  • Sync: service must not check permission schemes for sync related APIs [KC-1182]
  • Can't delete user that has ever triggered a sync [KC-1181]

KPI-CHAT v2020.11.0


Features & Improvements

  • General
    • Extend the bulk import to cover KPI-CHAT user permissions [KC-1111] 
    • Multi-Tier Support with initial channel synchronization [KC-580] and synchronization for users, groups & admins [KC-1113]
    • Option to set general and individual channel user subscriptions to get update notifications [KC-1014]
  • KPI-CHAT 4 Qlik Sense & KPI-CHAT TRUECHART Integrations
    • Expression support for channel filters [KC-663]


  • Exception while using a notification link to KPI-CHAT Messenger [KC-1109]
  • Wrong name allocation for the current user in chat panel after name changes [KC-1119]
  • Numeric filter values are not applied using a notification link to KPI-CHAT Messenger [KC-1135]
  • Error when adding the admin as a regular user during channel creation [KC-1137]

KPI-CHAT v2020.9.2



  • Qlik Sense Enterprise Cloud Support [HICO-45230]
  • Show "Anonymous" as a user name for anonymous users  [KC-1090]
  • KPI-CHAT for Qlik Sense
    • Add option to show/hide the full screen and snapshot/more buttons on the object [HICO-45228]


  • General
    • Wrong channel messages based on notification BI URL [KC-1077]
    • No channel updates on new messages without a selected filter [KC-1078]
  • TRUECHART Integration
    • Image missing after channel creation within TRUECHART data context measures [KC-1053]
    • KPI-CHAT at Table 2.0: Chat popup closes while clicking on a user element in notification select box [KC-1079]

KPI-CHAT v2020.9.0



  • Initial release of KPI-CHAT Messenger Application [KC-25]
  • Initial release of KPI-CHAT for Qlik Sense Extension (incl. Qlik Sense mashup support) [KC-41]
  • Initial release of KPI-CHAT cell type integration within TRUECHART [KC-35]
  • Initial release of KPI-CHAT table 2.0 integration within TRUECHART [HICO-44777] 
  • Full cross-platform support for KPI-CHAT on:
    • Qlik Sense,
    • Microsoft Power BI [HICO-45062],
    • Microsoft Office 365 Excel [HICO-45063] and as
    • Standalone Web-Application (KPI-CHAT Messenger)


  • Add KPI-CHAT license handling into TRUECHART service [KC-358]
  • Channel Users & Groups permissions [KC-472] 
  • Channel Administrators & permissions [KC-323]
  • Channel data filters [KC-384] 
  • Data-dependent chat message view & edit rights [KC-646]
    • Data security rule configuration UI (manual) [KC-863]

    • Data security rule CSV-File import in TRUECHART service [KC-907]

    • Data security rule AD-import in TRUECHART service [KC-908]

  • Mail notifications by @-mentions [KC-507]
    • Add optional Mail-Address to the user in TRUECHART management console [KC-518]
    • Add Mail configuration section in TRUECHART management console [KC-521]
  • Extend TRUECHART Service with KPI Chat License [KC-358] and new KPI-CHAT user groups (Consumer & Administrator) [KC-320]
  • Integration of KPI-CHAT (Qlik Sense extension & KPI-CHAT Messenger web application) in TRUECHART installer [KC-429 & KC-454]
  • Support KPI-CHAT extension download and provide KPI-CHAT Messenger access link in TRUECHART management console [KC-1048]

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