With the help of inline comments in a TRUECHART table, it is possible to display any HTML entities and symbols. Cf. character overview: https://www.w3schools.com/charsets

With TRUECHART, you can preset the comment columns with dynamic values and then display them read-only, so that these columns look like "normal" data to the user.

Technical Background

HTML can be used within a TRUECHART comment. If you set the comment to be non-editable and set your HTML-Code as the comments standard value you can use comments as HTML objects within a table.

You are using your HTML-code within a TRUECHART comment within a TRUECHART table within a TRUECHART Grid within a TRUECHART Extension within QlikSense within etc. etc. etc...

For that reason, HTML does not always behave as you would expect it and you might have to try different codes.

If you click on one of those comments within a table, it might be that the selection of the dimension is not working properly.

Step-by-step guide

For this you have to build an expression in the form in the data source for the corresponding comment column:

  1. ='tccm:1000000tc;;◐tc$$tc##' (Example for the HarveyBall shown above)

  2. The dynamic inline comment format is described here Commenting fields in tables

  3. The red par represents the Unicode element which must contain the character(s) to be displayed.

If characters are to be displayed dynamically depending on the selection or data/category values, the expression must, of course, be structured dynamically.

Example - UNICODES

In the following example the colored UniCodes are used as traffic lights.

='tccm:1000000tc;;<div style="text-align: center;"><span style="color: ' & 
PSEUDOCODE[Here is a complex formula that defines the HEX Colorcode based on a value from the database]
& '">' & vO_RatingSymbol & '</span></div>tc$$tc##'


The Symbol variable contains:

vO_RatingSymbol =  '&#11044';

Example - IMAGES

Images can be implemented within a TRUECHART table.

='tccm:1000000tc;;<div style="background-size: cover;background-position: center;background-image: url(/content/Default/'
PSEUDOCODE[Here is a formular that pulls the imagename incl. file extension from the datamodel]
& ')"> <br><br><br></div>tc$$tc##'

The Space before <br> is mandatory.

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